Something about me...
My name is Marcela Hons.
I live with my family in a small village in the centre of the Czech repubic (which is in the centre of Europe). Not far away from here are places, that I really like – Sázava, Kouřim, my beloved Kutná Hora...
We moved here from Prague, mainly because of our childern, we wanted them to grow up with a strong relationship with nature. Now, we are living in a house, which was built in 1914, and which we have reconstructed. My both sons are currently studying at Universities – the younger one is studiying photography, the older one restoration of historical objects.
My production
I make lampwork beads since 2013. From that time I have made thousands of them. In a previous year - 2018, I have started doing a silver cores. Nowadays, my beads have their own core. Are Core have higher purity, (Ag937/1000) and they are being glued in beads from two parts.
I am registred at Assay Office.
I make beads mostly from italian glass (Murano). But I am not againts combinig glass from different makers. I choose crystals glass thoroughly and I use several different types. For higher strength, I anneal my beads in a glass furnace.
Last year, I have opened an eshop for easier shopping. I’m trying to always put my new goods there. With new cores, I have also extended my offer of other materials – such as wood, silver or minerals.
Prices are in a czech crowns, please for trasfering to different currency, use CZK sign.
Eshop is not set for shopping from abroad yet. I am a small producer, and pay gates are too expensive for me. However, shopping from abroad is possible trough facebook. It’s is also possible to request bespoke beads, if I have time, I’ll make them. Paying is possible by Paypal. To EU, I ship valuable writing. Outside of EU shipping and insurance is being arranged personally. My english is not very good, but I am sure, that we will make it work.
I hope you will like my beads as much as I like making them.